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The Tiny Tattler, "Canada's Smallest Newspaper" (originally it was 4" x 6" and was later expanded to 5½" x 8"), was founded by the late Ivan A Shortliffe in Central Grove, Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1933 and was published until 1943.


This site currently contains information about the Tattler, its history and a few copies that we have been made available online.  We hope to have more available soon.  If you are looking for genealogical information, visit our Genealogy section.  Most of the genealogical information collected thus far is concentrated in Nova Scotia.


More editions oy the Tattler have been added February 2005. We hope to post more shortly.

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TinyTattley.ca, Vol. 2

Welcome to our redesigned site. Our new look attempts to simulate what The Tiny Tattler may have looked like fresh off the press, with the grey backround resembling the look of fresh newsprint. More editions of The Tattler have been posted.

Since the most recent news from The Tattler is some 60 years old we've now included the latest national and international headlines from globeandmail.com

Please bear with us as we implement the new design and address any growing pains.

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This site is dedicated to the memory of Ivan A. Shortliffe (1919 - 1976).

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